A Vault for your Product Resources.

You work on a lot of products and during each product's pre release lifecycle you generate or collect a lot of resources which Proltify can manage for you.

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Supports MacOS Yosemite or later

Without Proltify

Problems which everyone faces right now:

  • Search for a screenshot or a video on your cluttered desktop
  • Manage your resources manually after the product release
  • Constantly search on slack to find something important and spend 15 minutes finding it
  • Bookmark important links but then you bookmarked a lot of them that it becomes a difficult to find the required link
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What Proltify has to offer?

Create a Vault and forget

Starting with a new Product?
Want to keep all resources accessible without you having to manage it?

  • Easy to setup
  • Choose locations to be watched for any new resources being added.
  • Proltify sits in the Tray for quick access
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Note it down

Save a note, link or any important info regarding your product with no effort.

  • Use a shortcut from any where to note it down.
  • An extension to save any important link
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Manage Resources

Don't worry about managing resources, proltify does it for you.

  • Access any product's Vault from your desktop
  • Each Vault will organise your files into images, videos and resources folders automatically
  • Drag and drop any file to proltify tray to move it to the product's vault
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Search notes, link or any resource for one product or across all vaulted products with clear boundaries between them.

  • Open search using shortcut or from the Tray
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Watches for new resources

Proltify watches for new files at the locations you selected when you created the vault.

  • Proltify will move these files to the Vault only when you pause your Vault or click on Flush to Vault
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Manage Products

Done with the current Product?
Wanted to empty some space for upcoming one? You don't have to.
Proltify already moved resources to their respective product vault rather you having to delete or manualy move them.

  • Switch between multiple Vaults quickly
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Complete features at your hand

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Which macOS versions Proltify supports?

Proltify support Mac OS Yosemite or later

Are there plans to add support for windows?

Yes, adding windows support is on our roadmap. We can let you know when that is ready. Click here

How do I contact Proltify or request features?

You can reachout to use through this form.